Trimble SX12 R12 Rover TSC5 Robotic Total Station Scanning 1″ sec SX10



I am selling a Trimble SX23 1″ sec Robotic Scanning Total Station with Trimble R12 Rover w/ TSC5 Data Collector. This set up is refurbished, in MINT condition and ready to go to work. The SX12 Total station has an updated built-in camera system and a laser pointer (Green Beam). Increasing the resolution of the built-in cameras allowed for smaller pixel size, which, together with improved processing, resulted in sharper images with richer colors and less noise (especially in low light).

The SX12 scans up to 26,000 points per second. This gives you great versatility in the field in a high accuracy 1″ sec instrument. The Trimble R12 Triple Frequency GPS GNSS Rover. This unit is in good condition and ready to go to work. This is the smallest and lightest receivers in its class. It has 410-470mhz frequency internal radio with UHF Transmit (TX) option enabled. So, it can function as a base station or a rover. The Trimble TSC5 is in great condition and loaded with Trimble Access 2022.10 software with Roads module enabled. These unit’s track L1, L2, L2c, L5, GPS, Galileo, Glonass Bei Dou, QZSS satellites.

The Robotic Kit Includes:

  • Trimble SX12 High Precision 1″ Sec Robotic Scanning Total Station Warranty Until 4-23(Refurbished)
  • Trimble TSC7 with Access 2021.20 Software w/ Roads enabled 2.4 ghz radio (New)(Warranty 4-23)
  • Trimble 360 prism (PN#58012029) (NEW)
  • Charging Kit (NEW)
  • Cables (Hirose to Hirose, Hirose to USB) (NEW)
  • 3 Batteries (NEW)
  • Seco Tripod (NEW)Ā 
  • Trimble Carbon Fiber Prism Rod (NEW)
  • Seco Bi pod (NEW)
  • Trimble R12 Rover, Pro Point, x-Fill, RTK, Tilt, 20hz update rate, Triple Frequency, L1, L2, L2c, L5, GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Bei Dou, QZSS, GNSS, Bluetooth, RTK Capable, 410-470mhz internal 2-watt RX/TX radio, Firmware 6.13
    • Trimble SX12 is a high-accuracy total station and captures high-quality scan data: it has a 1″ angular accuracy, 1.5mm scan range noise at 200m, and a 14mm diameter EDM laser spot at 100m. Even at long range, the data capture is quick with a 26.6 kHz scan measurement rate up to 600m. The total station measuring time in prism mode 1.6 s, while in DR mode this is 1.2s.
    • A new green, focusable Class 1M laser pointer is safe for viewing with the naked eye, offers high-power visibility, and easy to see even at a distance. The laser pointer is very small, bright, and still eye-safe and has a 3mm diameter laser pointer spot at 50 meters. The SX 12 offers simple navigation and documentation with a Trimble VISION camera system, which consists of three integrated and calibrated cameras in the telescope.
    • Trimble Geospatial announced the release of a new model of the SX12 Scanning Total Station. Compared to its predecessor, the SX10, the new total station has an updated built-in camera system and a laser pointer. Increasing the resolution of the built-in cameras allowed for a smaller pixel size, which, together with improved processing, resulted in sharper images with richer colors and less noise (especially in low light).
    • A telescope camera with the narrowest field of view can be used to create super detailed metric panoramas with a pixel size of less than a millimeter at 50m.
    • A laser pointer is available as an option for the SX12, this eye=safe Class 1M green laser has three power levels and focuses a laser spot with a diameter of only 2mm at 50m. Thanks to its bright pointer, the SX12 can be used in new applications such as laser guidance in drilling and excavation, stakeout and blast hole staging and actual condition monitoring in underground tunnels and mines.
    • The new SX12 Scanning Total Station is supported by Trimble Access Software version 2021.00 and later installed on TSC7, T7, and T10 controllers.

  • Extended Capabilities
    • The SX12 merges high-speed 3D scanning, precision total station measurement, enhanced Trimble Version and a green focusable laser pointer- all tied together with familiar field and office workflows for end-to-end efficiency.
  • Powerful
    • Achieve both high-speed scanning and ultra-accurate measurements in single instrument using 3DM and Lightning TM Technology.
    • Get fast, flawless hi-res captures with a high-resolution camera system and enhanced Trimble VISION.
    • Trust MagDriveTM and AutolockĀ® technologies for smooth, stable operation.
  • Flexible
    • Move fluidly between total station functionality, scanning, and image capture all in one tool.
    • Benefit from expanded capabilities for surveying with tailored workflows for tunneling, underground mining and monitoring.
  • Easy to Use
    • Use familiar Trimble AccessTM field software workflows and integrate seamlessly with Trimble Business CenterTM and Trimble RealWorks office software.
    • Just open your data and get to work- no registration necessary- and share your output with anyone using web-based Trimble Clarity.
  • Applications
    • Topographic Survey/ General Surveys (Boundary/ Land Title Surveys)
    • Roadway / Corridor Surveys (Roadway design and Topo)
    • Volumetric Surveys (Stockpile volumes)
    • Infrastructure Surveys (Civil Infrastructure As-Builts)
    • Building As-Built and Design Surveys
    • Utility Design Survey
    • Power Line Inspection/ Clearance
    • Forensics/ Crash Scene Investigation
    • Mine/Quarry Survey
    • Tank Calibration/ Inspection
    • Dimensional Control



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