Leica TS15 I R1000 3″ sec Robotic Total Station w/ GS15 Network Rover CS15 GPS


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I am selling a Leica TS15 I R1000 3″ sec Robotic Total Station and GS15 network Rover kit. This set up is in Good condition. This is a 3″ second gun with VIVA on board software software version 8.50. The CCP is current and expires on 5/20. The programs loaded are; Field Data Extractor, Land Xml Export, Export DXF, Import DXF, Stakeout, COGO, Determine coordinate system, Simple Ascii Export, DTM Importer, Alignment Editor. The unit has RH16 bluetooth handle, overview camera, red laser, ATR, EGL, power search. GEOCOM IS TURNED ON. If you would like a different handle please inquire before. The 360 prism is in great shape (aftermarket 360 prism). This unit HAS been calibrated and includes a Blue Certificate calibration. The GS15 and CS15 are also in good shape the GS15 receiver has no internal radio. You can buy an internal modem and use it an a network rover with a different data collector or buy an internal radio and use it in an RTK set up with your own base. This is the performance model GS15 with the following options 20hz, Glonass, Raw data logging, RTK unlimited. The CS15 has VIVA software Version 5.50 and Carlson SurvCE v4.06 software with a CTR16 long range bluetooth cap for talking to the gun and a 3.5 internal modem to get the rover on the network. The Viva on the CS15 will have to be updated if you want to use it with the gun. It was being used with Carlson.


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