Trimble S7 1″ Sec DR Plus Vision TSC5 Scanning Robotic Total Station S6 S8 S9 VX



I am selling a Trimble S7 DR Plus 1″ Accuracy Robotic Total Station SET. This set up is in great condition and ready to go to work. This is a 1″ second gun with the latest firmware. This unit has been shop-tested, CALIBRATED and is ready to work out the box. It includes a Trimble TSC5 with 2.4 ghz radio, loaded with Access software V.2022.11. This unit is Reflectorless, has Auto-lock, Vision (on board camera), 3D Scanning enabled and fine-lock. Included is a NEW MT1000 multi-prism which is one of the best tracking systems on the market. If you have been looking for the fastest most accurate Robotic Total Station, this is it!!! This is Trimble’s latest Robotic model.

This Sale Includes:

  • Trimble S7 DR+ 1″ sec robotic total station with scanning and vision]
  • Trimble TSC3 with Access v.2022.11 w/2.4 ghz radio
  • Trimble MT1000 Active Prism (NEW)
  • Charging Kit (NEW)
  • 2 Dual chargers (NEW)
  • Cables (Hirose to Hirose) (NEW)
  • 3 Batteries (NEW)
  • Seco Tripod (NEW)
  • Carbon Fiber Prism Rod (NEW)
  • Carbon Fiber Bi Pod (NEW)



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