Trimble S3 DR 2″ sec Robotic Total Station TSC2 Access Software SPS S6 S8 RTS


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I am selling a Trimble S3 DR 2″ Sec Robotic Total Station SET. This set up is in good condition and ready to go to work. This is a 2″ second gun with the latest firmware upgrades. This unit has been shop tested CALIBRATED and is ready to work out the box. It includes a TSC2 controller loaded with Acess 2016 Software with internal 2.4ghz radio. This unit is Reflectorless, has tracklights, Auto-lock and has ACTIVE TRACK ENABLED. Also included is a MT-1000 multi-prism which is one of the best tracking systems on the market. This is a great gun for many survey or construction application at a very affordable price.

This sale includes:

Trimble DR S3 2″ Robotic Total Station

Trimble TSC2 with Access software w/ 2.4ghz Radio

Trimble MT1000 prism

5 bay charger

Cable (Hirose to Hirose)

3 Batteries


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