Leica C10 3D High Accuracy Portable Long Range Scanner Scanning Station Faro


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I am selling a Leica C10 3D ScanStation. This set up is in very good condition and ready to go to work. It has some signs of wear from rubbing in the transport case but nothing that affect function. This unit is loaded with the latest firmware version 2.80 . The Leica C10 Scan Station scanner is a time-of-flight scanner with an effective operating range of +/- 1-200 m (up to 300 m with 90% reflectivity). It’s motorized head allows scanning of a complete 360 degree by 270 degree area. Data is acquired at a rate of 50,000 points/second and can be stored on-board or on a wireless or wired laptop. The C10 has a number of features which make it particularly effective. For example it has automatic target acquisition capabilities that quickly allow survey control points to be integrated with the scan data. The Center has a number of targets for this purpose, which it has used both in large outdoor sites and within complex interiors. It has an on-board video camera which can be used for scan management/planning; the pictures of this camera are automatically aligned with the scans to texture the point clouds. Published specifications indicate that the accuracy of a single measurement is 6 mm in position and 4 mm in depth (at ranges up to 50 m). The system supports traverse and resection capabilities. The versatile Leica ScanStation C10 includes a high-accuracy long-range scanner, tilt sensor, battery, controller, data storage, auto-adjusting video camera and laser plummet all in one compact, portable instrument. The ScanStation also features major productivity advances, including a Smart X-Mirror™ design that lets users conduct full-dome scans in literally a few minutes using a spinning mirror, or conduct small area scans efficiently with Smart X-Mirror’s oscillating mode. Cyclone software is not included but can be made available to US customers only.


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