Topcon Single Machine Control Cab kit GPS MC2 GX55 Dozer code


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I am selling a Topcon Single MC2 Cab Kit. This setup is in good shape and ready to be installed and go to work. The GX55 3D Control box has the 3D automatics option for Dozer only. The MC-R3 single mag box has the MC2 boards and SS 900mhz internal radio. It includes a PG-S3 antenna. This kit will come just as shown in the pictures. If you need additional item’s, please inquire for price and availability.

Below is a list of everything included in this sale:

  • -(1) Topcon GX55 3D Control Box, Firmware 12.0.

AUTOMATICS Options enabled include:

  • Dozer, GPS (Topcon RTK), Multi-base RTK, Advanced Coordinate Systems, Automatic Blade Control, Sensor Input, SiteLink 3D, As Built Mapping,
  • -(1) Topcon Single MCR3 with MC2 enabled
    -(1) Topcon PG-S3 Antennas
  • -(1) Topcon Single Antenna Coil Cable


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