Topcon DUAL MC2 Cab Kit GX55 Machine Control GPS GNSS w/ Auto’s MC2 for MC-R3


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I am selling a Topcon DUAL MC2 Cab Kit. This setup is in good shape and ready to be installed and go to work. The GX-55 3D Control box has the 3 machine options enabled. The MC-R3 Dual mag box has the MC2 boards and Digital 2 UHF 450-470 radio. It includes everything shown in the pictures. All Firmware will be updated prior to sale.

-(1)Topcon GX55 3D Control Box, with 3 Machine Options enabled
-(1)Topcon DUAL MCR3 with MC2 enabled w/ UHF Digital II 450-470mhz
-(2)Topcon PG-S3 Antenna with MC Mount
-(1)Topcon Dual Antenna Cable
-(1)Topcon MC2 Sensor
-(1)Topcon MC2 Cable
-(1)Topcon Mast
-(1)Carry Case


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