Topcon PZL-1 Millimeter Laser with PZS-MC Machine Control Target GPS MC2


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I am selling a Topcon PZL-1 Millimeter Laser & PZS-MC Machine Control Target. These unit’s are in Great shape and ready to go to work. If you are looking to add millimeter precision to your rover and machine control this is it. The PZS-MC will work with Motorgrader’s, Dozer’s, Trimmer’s, Milling Machine’s, Asphalt & Concrete Pazer’s. The PZL-1 currently list at $11,000 while the PZS-MC list at $8000. Here is your chance to save some money.

-Topcon PZS-MC

Millimeter GPS+ transforms GPS into the perfect tool for blue-topping and other fine tolerance work. With Millimeter GPS+, the days of lost productivity, using string-lines or running manually off of hubs, are over.
Features & Benefits

Patented technology combines advantages of laser and GPS
Large working range: up to 8000’ horizontal & 136’ vertical
Works with existing Topcon GPS+ systems
Control multiple machines and rovers at the same time
Very user friendly
Up to 300% more accurate than standard GPS
Increased productivity – fewer passes needed to reach finish grade
Lower investment – one system works for rough & finish grade
Grade to tighter tolerances and eliminate high-cost material overruns
Finish grade 24/7 even with minimal satellite coverage
Works on Motor Graders, Dozers, Dirt Trimmers, Milling Machines, Asphalt Pavers & Concrete Pavers
mmGPS option with Pocket 3D

-Topcon PZL-1 Laser
Operates similar to a standard rotating laser, but transmits a unique Lazer Zone™ signal to provide a working range of 2000ft! Instead of a traditional flat plane, the PZL-1 provides an incredible measuring area of 33ft in height! You can even link up to four laser transmitters for use on large sites to cover a distance of nearly 8000ft with elevation changes of over 130ft! No more taking time out to reposition your laser. With the PZL-1, multiple rovers can use the same transmitter, even at different elevations for continuous production!

-Topcon PZS-1
Instantly computes precise vertical information from the PZL-1 laser transmitter. Using Lazer Zone™ technology, the PZS-1 automatically determines elevation based on your job site control, so there’s no need for a moveable mast or grade rod. Mount the PZS-1 to your range pole, where it receives the PZL-1 laser signal and wirelessly transmits data to your existing rover!

-Carry Case’s





-Tribrach Adapter

-Seco fixed height tripod


-Bi pod


This system retails for about $45,000, here is your chance to save some money.


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