Trimble IS Solution S6 Robotic Total Station & R8 Model 2 GPS GNSS RTK Set TSC3


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I am selling a Trimble IS Solution consisting of a S6 DR300+ 3″ Sec Robotic Total Station and R8 model 2 GNSS RTK set with TSC3 . This set up is in Good condition and ready to go to work. Please note the receivers may come with yellow bezel depending on availability-. This system consist of a 3″ sec reflectorless Trimble S6 gun for all your line of sight work and a Trimble R8 model 2 GNSS system for all your work where you are faced with obstructions (mountains, building, canopy etc). They both work off a TSC3 with Access 2017.24 software and 2.4ghz radio. Now you can switch off between your robot and GPS at the touch of a button. The robot is Reflectorless, has Auto-lock and the laser pointer. Included is a MT-1000 multi-prism which is one of the best tracking systems on the market. The base and rover both 450-470mhz frequency internal radio’s with UHF Transmit (TX) option enabled in both receivers. So either one can function as a base station or a rover without a need for an external radio. Both are currently programmed at 12.5khz (so you would be FCC compliant). These units also have the 10hz update rate option enabled which makes them extremely fast. You can also use both system independently. The Roading module can be added for additional cost.

If you have been looking for Trimble best set up look no further!!!

This is a complete set.

Robotic station includes:

  • Trimble S6 High Precision 3″ DR300 Robotic Total Station No Vision
  • Trimble TSC3 with Access 2017.24 Software 2.4 ghz radio
  • Trimble MT1000 Multiprism used
  • Charging Kit
  • Cables (Hirose to Hirose, Hirose to USB)
  • 3 Batteries

GNSS system includes:


  • -Trimble R8-2 Rover, 10hz update rate, Dual frequency L1, L2, L2c, L5, GNSS Bluetooth, RTK capable, 450-470mhz internal radio,


  • -Trimble R8-2 base, 10hz update rate, Dual frequency L1, L2, L2c, L5, GNSS Bluetooth, RTK capable, 450-470mhz internal RX/TX radio,
  • -Dutch Hill 2 meter fixed Tripod
  • -Dutch Hill Tripod
  • -Dutch Hill Prism Pole
  • -Dutch Hill Bi pod


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