Topcon Sokkia ES-105 5″ Reflectorless Conventional Total Station ES105


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I am selling a Topcon ES-105 5″ sec conventional total station. The unit is in good shape and works as it should. It is in really good condition. This can be calibrated prior to shipping. Please contact for price and turnaround.

The new ES Series was designed from the ground up to deliver the very latest technology advantages, all in a small, sleek design – you’ll appreciate the advantages from the very first measurement.

Featuring a class leading EDM unit, the ES is able to measure up to 4,000m to standard prisms, and can measure in reflectorless mode up to 500m at an incredible 3mm + 2ppm accuracy.

Measurements are carried out faster than ever, and at 15mm (over 30m), the bright red laser dot pinpoints feature with ease.


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