Leica TCRP1203 R100 Reflectorless Long Range BT Total Station 3″ Sec Gun 1203


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I am selling a Leica TCRP1203 R100 Robotic Total Station . This set up is in Good condition and ready to go to work. This is a 3″ second gun. It comes with firmware version 8.71 The unit has Electronic Guide lights (EGL), PowerSearch (PS), Distant measurement (IR-Mode), Automatic target Recognition (ATR) and bluetooth.  This does have the Extd Geocom turned on. The gun has the RH16 for long range bluetooth communication. On-board programs include Survey, Set up, Stakeout, Cogo, Reference Stakeout.  The Carlson Supervisor tablet is in great shape with Carlson SurvPC software version 5.01 (latest version). It has Total station, Robotics and GPS enabled. The has the Parani Long range bluetooth drive for communicating with the RH16. It also has the extended range antenna as well as the shorter range antenna.


This sale includes:

-Leica TCRP1203  3″ sec Station 

-RH16 (LRBT)Handle

-2 Batteries for the Station


-Carlson Supervisor Tablet with SurvPC v.5.01 (TS/Robo/GPS)

-1 Case


-Dutch Hill Tripod

-Dutch Hill Bipod

-Dutch Hill Prism Pole


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